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Boise Chiropractor and Meridian, Idaho Chiropractic Rehabilitation Specialists

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Spinal Dynamics is a fully-trained, professional Boise chiropractic office, offering rehabilitation and chiropractic care to patients in Meridian, Eagle, Boise and the surrounding areas.

You can expect to receive the highest quality care and service, and the most up to date technology and practices available to the chiropractic industry. Our Boise chiropractor team is certified in Chiropractic Biophysics.

We are proud to offer the following Chiropratic Services to our Boise area patients:

• Spinal Adjustments
• Corrective Traction
• Ultrasound
• Exercise Instruction

• Decompression Traction
• Scoliosis Traction
• Soft Tissue Therapy

• SpineCor Brace Evaluation
• Electrical Muscle Stimulation
• Sports Injury Care

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The spine protects the nervous
system which sends energy and
information from the brain through
the nerves to the rest of the body. 
Proper spinal balance is important
for overall chiropractic health.

Spinal imbalance and pain in the neck may lead to headaches, conditions in the arms, hands and shoulders, difficulty swallowing as well as symptoms related to asthma

Spinal imbalance and pain
in the midback may lead to
lung conditions, heart
conditions, and acid reflux

Spinal imbalance and pain in the
low back may lead to disc injury,
conditions in the legs and feet, sciatica, scoliosis and genitourinary problems

Fixing the problems and not just
the symptoms can restore spinal
alignment and overall chiropractic health.


Boise chiropractors

Experience the
most advanced protocols available for spinal rehabilitation utilizing:

State of the art, researched
protocols for spinal correction,
decompression and pain relief.

Individualized corrective exercise
programs designed to gradually
strengthen your muscles and help
correct spinal and postural conditions.

Corrective CBP traction protocols to stretch and mold muscles and ligaments supporting your new posture to provide long term results.

The doctors of Spinal Dynamics Chiropractic are two of only three doctors in the Treasure Valley certified in Chiropractic Biophyisics.  They have been using CBP protocols in practice for years and have achieved phenomenal long term results with their patients.


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